"I'd like to make you aware of a young man who has been programming for me, in Tradestation, for about 10 years Van Gothreaux... I have found him to be extremely reliable, more than competent and a very hard worker.  I think enough of this person to have not only hired him, but to have put money into trading programs we have developed together, giving him power of attorney, because I know he is impeccably honest.  In my opinion, you could not find a better programmer than him."

Larry Williams  --  World Class Trader and All-Time-Winner of the Robins Trading Championship




J.B.  --  Baton Rouge, LA



"Thanks for your explanation of the OOEL as it gives me a better understanding how much easier it is to program rather than other languages, such as C++. Since TradeStation is here in Ft. Lauderdale I am relaying our positive experience to the institutional team so they may feel comfortable in recommending you in the future."

D.L.  --  Ft. Lauderdale, FL



"Amazing!  I didn't even know Tradestation could do these things!"

C.R.  --  Ontario, Canada



"I am very excited about this project.  It works exactly as instructed."

R.B.  --  Greensville, SC



"You realy understand what I am talking about.  You 'got it' with the first explaination."

J.G.  --  Hot Springs, AR



"Perfect!  Yes please, thanks.  Full steam ahead...  I have 2 additional strategy codes and 1 indicator code as well that I need your assistance and input."

K.B.  --  Hawaii



"Thank you for your quick response.  Let's get started."  

"WOW, super fast delivery.  Works perfect!"

W.R.  --  Plano, TX

"I analyzed this a bit more over the weekend, and like I mentioned to you yesterday I had a glimpse of how the trade entry loop function and stop loss scaling logic worked, and I'm really pleased with how you managed to pull it all together and make everything work in a well coordinated and synchronized way. On top of that, you suggested a check-box to turn the function on/off, which is brilliant and I'm sure that additional flexibility will help me out.

R.S.  --  Montreal, Canada